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Mobile Marketing and Technologies

Mobile apps, mobile websites, augmented reality, QR codes and location-based services are changing the way consumers engage and businesses sell.

Successful marketing is centered around an experience we want a customer to have. Whether it's watching TV, using the Web, being in-store, hearing a radio spot or viewing a billboard, there is a journey that we want to take them on.

Historically marketers have been confined to certain locales in which these experiences take place – in a store, at the office, driving in a car or at home behind a computer.

All of that changed drastically when the iPhone was introduced in 2007, giving people the ability to take those experiences with them anywhere. While SMS, MMS and simple apps existed as digital marketing vehicles pre-2007, the iPhone, its spin-offs and the subsequent devices introduced to compete with them, ushered in a wealth of new opportunities for marketers. The space has exploded with solutions such as mobile apps, mobile websites, augmented reality, QR codes and location-based services.

With almost 200 million people in the U.S. using smartphones, and 40% of users’ Internet time spent on mobile devices, mobile is now the device of choice. For companies, this means that every digital marketing strategy and its related tactical elements need to be viewed through the mobile lens and optimized for mobile. This optimization could include the addition of mobile-only elements, as well as optimizing experiences for mobile use through responsive design or other approaches.