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The ABCs of Pinterest Pages for Business

After its introduction last year, Pinterest has quickly soared to become the fastest-growing social platform. Based largely on this success, Pinterest introduced pages for businesses this week. This means all Pinterest accounts used for commercial purposes must now convert from an individual account to a business account. While, initially, the changes are not that dramatic (visually you won’t notice much of a difference at all), we anticipate further changes down the road as Pinterest increases its offerings for businesses.

Following are a few highlights of the new business pages. We’ll be sure to keep you informed of further changes as they develop.

What’s New?

A.      Key Change − Pinterest has created a Business Terms of Service, specifically addressing the platform’s use for commercial purposes. Among other things, the terms address usage rights for material you post, as well as how Pinterest and its members can use your content.

  • Implication – Brands or companies using Pinterest must now convert their accounts to a business account. You can no longer operate commercial accounts using a personal page.  Individual users are guided by separate service terms.

B.      Key Change – Like individual accounts, business accounts will include website verification, though Pinterest has streamlined the verification process.

  • Implication – Brands and companies can easily verify their website, confirming that you own the site associated with their page. Users will see a check mark next to verified websites, giving them the confidence of knowing they are clicking through to a trusted site. The company or brand website addresses are more likely to appear in platform searches.

C.      Key Change – New tools and resources are available for businesses, including best practices, case histories, and new buttons and widgets.

  • Implication – Overall, brands will have more support and guidelines to help build their Pinterest programs. Businesses can utilize the buttons and widgets to attract more followers to a brand page. The widgets include “Pin it” and “Follow” buttons, making it easy for users to pin directly from the brand’s website to Pinterest.

If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest, we’re happy to sit down and talk with your team.