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Creativity and camaraderie

Since 1953, Cub Scouts across America have gathered to race handcrafted model cars, lovingly wrought from four nails, four wheels and a block of pinewood. On June 2, this Cub Scout tradition came to Marcus Thomas. And we kicked it up a notch.

The MTDerby was the brainchild of Derek Oyen and Scott Chapin, who sought to bring a little extra summer silliness to the Warrensville office, along with an aluminum derby track, an electronic timing system and a fierce competition. The two enthusiasts eagerly challenged the staff with the task of transforming ordinary blocks of wood into artisan speed machines.

Our Marcus Thomas team did not disappoint. Forty-two carefully crafted vehicles, ranging from King’s red, sparkly Corvette to John Booth’s carbon-frozen Han Solo, graced the 40-ft. raceway last Thursday.

In the final heat, Josh Cook, Leandro Filipczyk and Ian Verschuren battled for the title of fastest car, yet it was Lilah’s Lightning McQueen that stole a run in the championship race and fans’ hearts. Her dad, Anthony Delvecchio, was certainly happy with his four-and-a-half-year-old daughter’s third-place winnings: a six pack of beer!

Leandro won the championship race, taking home first-place bragging rights and the grand prize: a car wash from CCO Mark Bachmann!

Chris Abate slam-dunked it in the 3-lb weight class, and Megan Carlson won for Best Design. Her arrow earned her a homemade Korean lunch from CIO Joanne Kim.

The last prize of the night, the crowd’s overall choice, went to the team of Heidi Modarelli-Frank and Amber Zent for their Cavs-inspired “#LilKev,” which paid homage to “lumber-sexy” Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love.

At the end of the day, Derek considers the event a great success, so much so that the agency may even invite clients to the next MTDerby.

Sounds like a great idea! The Derby certainly proves that in both work and play, the Marcus Thomas team is ready to meet any challenge with bold creativity and enthusiasm. And they’ll have a heck of a lot of fun doing it too.