Thinking / Giving Back: Robots and Boxes

Giving Back: Robots and Boxes

Chagrin Falls High School needed big funding to build a center to showcase student innovation, a center where curiosity and innovation could be cultivated from elementary school all the way through high school.

Marcus Thomas Executive Creative Director Jamie Venorsky and VP/Digital Producer Jason Mitton, residents of Chagrin Falls, decided to get involved, working with other local agencies, including video production house ThinkMedia Studios and engagement agency Hello.

Venorsky and Mitton conceived and produced a unique program that leveraged two new technologies: Google Cardboard and a telepresence robot. Google Cardboard was used as a clever event invitation and to give prospective funders a look at the future of the center through a virtual reality experience. The telepresence robot was used to "bring" celebrity alums to the event to encourage others to open their wallets and help the kids. In this case, Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich operated the robot from Los Angeles and "Newsies" star Corey Cott took the controls from his home in New York City. Let's hear Jamie and Jason show us and tell us more.