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The Most Powerful Question to Ask When Looking for a Job Is ...

Getting a job in marketing communications isn’t easy – it’s downright rough.

We talk to hundreds of college students each year about how to get a job in advertising, public relations or marketing.
And it occurred to me the advice we give them just might be helpful to any jobseeker out there, regardless of experience.

So, here’s our words of wisdom (job hunt oath); including the most powerful question you can ask.

Approach the Job Search like a Marketing Communications Challenge
• I am the product; I will take my unique set of skills, education, experiences and personality to market
• I will consider my target audience and appeal to what they want and need
• I will never approach my resumé as one size fits all
• My resumé will be smart, well-written and compelling; my LinkedIn profile will be as well, plus they’ll be accurate and error-free

Look at Networking as “The Art of Making Others Feel Good”
• I will search for opportunities to be around professionals
• I will remember the cardinal rule – people love to talk about themselves and what they do
• I will ask the most powerful question in my job search – “Would you mind telling me about what you do and your career path?”
• And I will listen; then, I will listen some more
• After that, I will ask for a meeting

Act like a Business Colleague during the Interview
• I will have done my homework – from research to lobby observation
• I will be the person the hiring manager or professional sitting across from me would be proud to present to the president of the company
• I will be able to articulate my unique selling proposition (USP) during the conversation
• I will remember the importance of body language
• And I will ask good business questions

Consider Social Media an Important Tool in My Job Search
• I will think about my personal brand with every tweet I make
• I will be strategic with the people I follow and share with