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With Social Media, Sometimes Less is More

As marketers continue to embrace social media as a viable tool and the range of social media platforms expands, it makes good sense to take a step back every now and then to evaluate your efforts.

  • Are your social media programs properly aligned with your marketing strategy?
  • Are you measuring results and adjusting accordingly?
  • Are you getting enough ROI to justify your ongoing commitment of resources?
  • Has your presence on some social media platforms grown stagnant?

We could examine any of these topics in depth, but let’s take a closer look at the last item.

With the growing popularity of social marketing and its low entry costs, some marketers make the mistake of jumping to establish a presence on numerous popular social sites without being prepared to commit the necessary resources to maintain them.

  • How many times have you found a company’s Twitter page and there hasn’t been a new post in weeks?
  • Or a company blog with no new entries in months or even years?
  • Or an official Facebook Page with a few entries, but no responses to questions asked by visitors?

How does that make you feel about the organization?

And the problem is only magnified when companies promote their social presence through their websites, print collateral, packaging or broadcast campaigns and visitors find “there is no there, there.” But it happens repeatedly making companies look worse than not using social media at all.

Why? Imagine renting a booth at a major trade show and realizing you have no one to man the booth, so you just leave a few old brochures scattered around on a couple tables. That’s all. Not a very good reflection of your company.

The smart choice is to market through fewer social media sites so you can do a better job cultivating your brand and adding value to the user experience. Jumping into social marketing is easy – committing the resources to proper maintenance is where the heavy lifting comes in. Do less, but do it better.