Thinking / Tapping into the Timeshifting Consumer

Tapping into the Timeshifting Consumer

Nielsen is reporting major growth in timeshifting, with consumer’s now DVRing 7% more than last  year and that trend is expected to continue.

Mobile is also gobbling up a bigger and bigger share of how video content is being watched, with a 22.5% increase year over year in mobile video consumption. General TV consumption was relatively flat, but smartphone watching was up 23%.

And how advertisers can leverage these shifts is also changing too.  According to Raphael Rivilla, Marcus Thomas’ vice president for media and connections planning, these three new technology  platforms are ones to watch:

  • Viggle a new “Social TV” app that allows users to connect with shows and then earn points by performing certain desired activities, e.g., sign in, play a game, comment. Plus, users can share shows with friends and redeem points and get real rewards.  All actions taken on the platform are also socially shared, driving earned impressions.
  • ConnecTV is an app that serves directly to a consumer’s mobile device  advertisements and other customizable actions triggered by keyword. So, while a consumer is watching Good Morning America, if you bought the keyword “car” for example, ads for your client Ford could be served up along with links to where to buy, promotions, financing details, etc. The ultimate contextual advertising app.
  • TV Accelerator, from Collective Media, is a powerful digital  platform that allows advertisers to  message their TV audience on any device, extending the reach and multiscreen frequency of a television buy with lower-cost and geo/demo/psycho-graphically-targeted digital media.  Great tool for competitive conquesting, as well.