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Buitoni – Giving pasta voice

We start with audience in everything we do, whether we’re repositioning a brand or just building their website.

What does the audience care about? What’s relevant to them? What do they want to do? Sometimes the answer lies in research – and sometimes it’s in the data of how they use the current site.

For Buitoni it was some of each.

Buitoni makes refrigerated pasta. Consumers call it fresh pasta – when they think about it, which isn’t often since it’s a tiny percentage of pasta sales. Say "pasta," and most people default to dry pasta.

Interestingly our research told us that our audience is driven by fresh foods. Not organic. Our customer's not a foodie or a snob, but she seeks out fresh. And she’s always looking for inspiration and simple, fresh recipes. Heritage had little to do with the decision.

Because we decided to re-position against dry pasta, the website supporting the brand needed to showcase that freshness. And we needed to tune down the heritage message, because it was largely irrelevant and our competitor seemed to own that space.

Our site needed to present gorgeous photography of our fresh pasta. So we shot lots of stills and video footage and created a platform to showcase this beautiful ingredient.

We also completely rebuilt the site's technology: killed Flash, enhanced search and built it responsively to support today's shopper. Most importantly, we structured the site to respond to the needs of today's shopper, organized by meal types, ingredients or how much time they have to cook.  

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