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Goo Gone Dirty Oven


Goo Gone Dirty Oven

If you want to get through to women 25-54, talk dirty to them.

Homax® Products’ Goo Gone® Foaming Oven and Grill Cleaner was a new entry into the oven cleaner and tough task category. With a modest budget, Marcus Thomas needed to deliver to Homax in-store trial and online sales among the elusive 25-54 female consumer segment.

The basic approach would have been heavy couponing and a simple FSI, but the agency’s creative team felt that a cleaner that could cut through tough oven stains needed creative that could cut through the clutter. The solution: add a little humor to the mix. Dirty oven humor, that is.

The resulting :60 direct response cable spot pokes fun at jokes reminiscent of stand-up comedy but with a kitchen spin. Market performance has exceeded expectations. The spot was reinforced by online banner ads.