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From Commodity to Essential Design Element: Metrie2 Catalog


Metrie2 Catalog

From commodity to essential design element

When Metrie™ looked to reinvent its brand and launch a new selection of interior moulding products, it didn’t need a product catalog. It needed an inspiration piece for architects, designers and consumers. A catalog with lush photography and ideas that spurred distinct, elegant designs. So we created an upscale printed piece that organized Metrie’s mouldings and finishing elements into “scenes” that provided style inspiration and guidance. Many of the tricky decisions for consumers – such as proportion, fit and coordination with other room elements – are done for them by choosing styles within a favorite scene. It’s not about moulding. It’s about perfectly finished spaces.

The collection debuted to rave reviews at the 2014 NAHB International Builders’ Show, supported by the new catalog and a host of other marketing elements, including media relations, a digital app, social strategy and VIP event.