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Swisspers Sleep Naked
Facebook Studio Gallery; Silver Cleveland ADDY and Silver District ADDY for Non-Traditional Advertising; IAC Best Advertising Social Media/Social Network; EX Gold Best Use of Social Media

Cheap? Yes. Shameful? Just a little. Successful? You bet.

U.S. Cotton makes about 80 percent of the makeup removal store brands in America. But they wanted to sell more of their own brand, Swisspers®.

Quite a challenge, given that Swisspers is an unadvertised brand in an unadvertised category of undifferentiated products.

But skin experts provided the perfect nugget of information to encourage women to buy: Removing your makeup before bed can make your skin look younger.

But there’s one little problem with this little nugget: a little advertising budget.

Bring in the big idea: Sleep Naked. A social media campaign to encourage women to remove their makeup before bed. 

Add some influential bloggers, a few celebrities, a charitable component and the Kardashians, and you’ve got a major win. From tease to final voting – a three-week period – Swisspers jumped from 250 to 21,000 Facebook Likes, and earned 40,000 votes and 60,000 visits to the Tab. In total, the campaign generated more than 74 million impressions. Not bad for a brand no one had heard of before.