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Troy-Bilt How It's Done

The Challenge

How-to videos are something every home and garden brand needs, but producing them is expensive, time-consuming and altogether a pain in the neck. Plus, they often take on a brand-speak that makes them less-than-effective and, often, they actually end up hurting the brand.

So how do you avoid these challenges and pitfalls?

The Solution

For client Troy-Bilt® Marcus Thomas thought the best source of how-to videos would be Troy-Bilt customers themselves. But we also believed doing some kind of enter-your-video-here contest was overdone.

So we went a step further and created How It’s Done, a magic content machine that allowed users to create and edit their own animated videos. The process was initiated with limited paid media. 

The Result

In the end there were over 200 videos produced, directed and shot by the gardening experts – our customers. All they needed was someone to make it easy to share their stories.