Integrated Marketing Communications

Customers don’t exist in silos. Your marketing shouldn’t either.

Our Take

For some agencies, creative is about ads. And it only comes from the “creative department.” We do ads – lots of them – but today’s consumers are looking for more. They want experiences, and friends, technologies to engage with, and ways to be heard. We get it. That’s why our entire agency is built for problem-solving and ideation in service of these goals.

We develop creative solutions irrespective of the material or platform that is their source. From live televised events to long-form direct response television, from custom digital technologies to kid-friendly science experiments, and from live webcasts to season-long social media programs, our team of writers, illustrators, designers, makers, cooks, composers and cabinetmakers thrives in unexplored territory – and we sleep and eat big, strategically aligned ideas.


Driven by the Value Exchange

For many, they search for an integrated agency because they want an agency that can deliver a full-suite of services guided by a unified strategy. At Marcus Thomas, the unified strategy is borne of the value exchange that exists between  you and your customer. We'd love to tell you more.

Organized Around Category Expertise

It's no secret that advertisers want their agencies to know their business. That's why Marcus Thomas is organized into five multi-disciplinary teams, delivering experience and broad expertise focused on the Consumer Products and Services, Business-to-Business, Healthcare, Professional Service and Home and Garden markets.

Measurement at the Business, Marketing and Platform Level

Too often, advertising programs (and agencies) are evaluated only at the tactical or marketing strategy level. At Marcus Thomas, the impossible challenges we seek to meet are at the business level, so we develop measurement and optimization plans at the platform-, marketing- and business level. After all, isn't that the only performance that really matters?

Integrated like the holding companies wish they were

There's a big difference between the way we look at integrated and the way the holding companies look at integrated. They look at integrated as a mix of different "asset types," each with a different perceived value on Wall Street. We look at integrated through the lens of our customers (and their customers), because their lives are complex and require solutions that touch everything from media to experiences to social and broadcast. Our thinking is integrated -- and the people we think with are right next to us.

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