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Bridging generations with Instagram

October 2nd 2018

Businesses need to adapt – plain and simple. The folks who grew up going to the store, picking up their lottery tickets and relishing the moments waiting until the chance their winning numbers get called … are getting older. So how does a lottery bridge the gap between their brand and the platforms Millennials use daily? Instagram.

With the goal of growing Ohio Lottery’s Instagram community, Marcus Thomas recommended the Fast Grab Instagram Challenge. The campaign aimed to gamify the social platform to encourage consumers to engage for an opportunity to win prizes.

Consumers were prompted to “catch” and share on Instagram a screenshot photo of Benjamin Franklin (from Ohio Lottery’s Ben Franklin Instant Ticket) and the campaign hashtag #FastGrabTuesdays.

To create a sense of urgency, challenges were structured as one-day promotions, posted weekly on the Lottery’s Instagram page throughout July. Facebook and Twitter were also used to capture the existing audience and drive them to Instagram. The payoff? A 26% increase in Ohio Lottery Instagram followers.  

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