Dexcom "Rant" airs on Super Bowl LV

Dexcom is one of the world's leading makers of continuous glucose monitors, which help people with type 1 diabetes monitor their crucial sugar level.

Dexcom mades its Super Bowl Debut Sunday, February 7 with a spot created by Marcus Thomas and featuring music Super Star Nick Jonas.

The insight:  Most people are managing diabetes in a way that’s totally inadequate, even archaic. For decades, the acceptable method of managing the disease has been pricking your finger to draw blood several times a day. And when you think about all the technology advancements around us, it becomes even more absurd. The diabetes community had been left behind.

The inspiration: The idea for the spot came from watching a woman in a focus group. She was frustrated with the current state of diabetes care. She went on a bit of a rant about how this is the only chronic life-threatening disease where they send you home with some fingersticks and some insulin and wish you luck. It seems so primitive. 

The approach: That rant drove our creative. In fact, the spot is called “Rant.” What better way to show the diabetes community that they will no longer be overlooked than by sharing their story on advertising biggest stage? Super Bowl spots are either all in on humor or on a strong emotion. Humor was out. But there is real emotion in this rant. Nick Jonas was the perfect spokesperson to bring the story forward. He gets it. He founded a diabetes non-profit when he was in his early 20s. He loved the script. And he made it his own. 

The results:  At this year’s Super Bowl, people who suffer from diabetes tuned in to the big game to see one of their own – Nick Jonas – “ranting” about “medieval approaches” to diabetes management. Finally, they had a warrior fighting for them – and introducing them to the powerful continuous glucose management technology from Dexcom. They love him. And they love Dexcom. The spot generated global media coverage, led the field in search engagement and boosted web leads for Dexcom’s G6 by more than 570%.

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